High profiled customers’ top issue is ‘privacy invasion”, which forces them into seclusion ending up in severe depression. Hi profiled Customers have complaints of constant harassment and bullying crossing boundaries and invading their private life. 

  • George Clooney:I haven’t walked in Central Park for 15 years. I’d like to 
  • MeganFox:You are being bullied by millions of people constantly 

Switch VIP call is a VAS utility Idea of safeguarding high value customers from Harassment which can result in their churn from the network. High value customers include Celebrities, Politicians, Sportsman, Corporates or even introverts etc. With VIP call, one can Manage Calls for Party “B” i.e. getting calls from Desired Callers only; transferring others to designated MSISDN. One wouldn’t be able to call any Party “B” (High profiled customers) without their consent i.e. knowing their Password. They will have an option of calls transferred to their managers/secretary. So that they don’t miss any important call, catering public/political figures.