We offer VAS solutions that can allow clients to maximize the potential of engaging customers over the Mobile Channel. VAS Services are mostly based on the different platforms such as SMS, IVR and USSD.

  • Bakhaber Kissan

    Bakhabar kisaan aims at improvement of Pakistan's Agriculture. It aims at improvement of yield, ultimately leading to a prosperous farmer hence a better economy.

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    A real time simulation of the stock market for you to learn from and have fun, without the risk of losing actual money or stocks. You can buy and sell virtual stocks using virtual currency simply through SMS.

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    Collect Call

    Collect Call and SMS allows receiving party to pay – where by allowing the calling party to make the outgoing call or SMS free of cost.

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    My Status

    You can post a status to calling party upon receiving a call from them. In this way, you can put your messages across to your friends and family even before connecting with them via call.

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    Notify Me

    You will get a text on your mobile notifying you about the called party availability if it was out of coverage or switched off allowing you to immediately get in touch with your desired number.

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    Missed SMS Alert

    MSA helps you to retrieve your lost SMS in case your mobile is switched off or out of coverage for more than 4 hours. Through this service you will now be able to see all those messages that might be very important to you.

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    Whether you have a young child who just being introduced to the world of the Mobile, or a teen who is growing up, you want to monitor your childs about their tasks related to phone, Use our service.

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    Submit your monthly income, target savings and log your actual expenditures under different expense categories like rent etc. UBudget service will propose an ideal expenditure pattern for you.

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    U Phone Log

    You can view records like call charges, SMS charges, package charges, most number of calls and SMS made, longest calls, most VAS used etc. from up to 3 months back.

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    You can retrieve the messages which were missed and also keep the record of the SMS sender numbers so that if customer just wants to know the numbers which were trying to get in touch with him; they will be retrievable.

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    You can challenge yourself to see where you stand in terms of your preparation or simply have fun with friends by testing their IQ level.This fun learning experience allows you to take part in quizzes.

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    Background Music

    Stop making those boring calls and personalize conversations by playing music in the background, which matches your mood. Just activate, select song you want and hear the music play during the call.