Mobile phones and computers have become too common in the daily life use. More than 70% of the people are aware of the computers and mobile phones. As the awareness has increased now people want to secure their personal gadgets so that only they can access/use their device or if some ones intend to use their device, he/she should first get the authorization from the gadget owner. People use different sorts of passwords and pin codes to prevent others from accessing their personal documents in Computer or mobile phones. Even with these sorts of securities calls of the people can still be answered. Switch Communication Pvt. Ltd. presents a solution to this problem by the help of which no one will be able to answer the calls without the authorization code. 


This solution is not limited for Smart phone users only. Legacy phone users can also use this solution. Solution basically consists of a service which will be subscribed through SMS / USSD. 

  1. Customer will subscribe the service through SMS / USSD
  2. Customer will set a password / pin code which will be used for authorization for answering the


  • Customer can also set a password/pin code for specific numbers 
  • Customer can also set a password/pin code for all numbers 
  1. Now whenever customer will receive calls (from specific caller/ all number); customer will haveto enter pin code/password for answering the calls.