Mobile Phone is the basic need to young and old. Where it is creating ease for the customers in communication it has also created a lot of problems. Parents are most concerned people as far as mobile phone usage of their kids is concerned. Parents want to know about the activities of their kids. They are now looking for ways to manage children’s mobile usage and also knowing who their children is communication with. The necessary tools to accomplish these tasks are often now available to parents. Adding value added service features that let parents control their children’s phone usage will give operator a utility service for parents as well as reduced churn rates. Switch Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Introduces Parental Control System for parents that include monitoring and blocking of MO Calls/SMS initiated by the child and MT Calls/SMS to the Child. Parents can manage the mobile usage by Scheduling the mobile usage by maintaining the Blacklist & Whitelist. Parents can also view the daily/weekly or monthly log of the mobile usage of their child.