As per the rough estimation approximately 2-3% of the daily SMS traffic is truncated because of multiple reasons, e.g. Receiver not reachable (mobile powered off, out of coverage area) invalid destination etc. More than 2 Million – 4 Million messages per day fail to reach the destination point. There are a number of different applications for messaging like WhatsApp who send the SMS to the user as soon as he/she is online. They have a larger backup space. Customer satisfaction index is declining at the Mobile Operators side and inclining towards them. To provide quality service and to keep the customer satisfaction high; Mobile operators normally keep the SMS for 24 hours with them when the receiver is not reachable but 24 hours buffer has proven to insufficient as still approximately 4 Million messages per day do not reach the destination and are truncated on daily basis. Switch Solutions Pvt. Ltd came up with an idea of creating an SMS backup for a longer period of time of truncated SMS which can help the customer to retrieve the messages which were missed. Objective of this service is to give customers the opportunity to retrieve the missed messages or to retrieve the numbers who were trying to reach them when they were away