n this part of the world mobile phones have now become a basic need for everybody rather than a luxury. Because of higher tele density mobile phone consumers often experience unwanted calls. Some of them are intentional and others are unintentional. Consumers proactively buy smart phone to manage the unwanted calls. But this doesn’t solve the problem completely as only 7% of mobile users have smart phone rest have the normal phone which doesn’t allow users to manage the blacklist or the white list. Switch Solutions presents a service which can resolve this problem for the consumers and this solution is independent of the phone type i.e. smart phone/regular phone. 

We often see ourselves taking calls or SMS which we don’t want to, but we cannot do anything about them because our phone doesn’t support this feature. Well now we can block all the unwanted calls and SMS with Call & SMS Block; service and get control over calls & SMS we wish to restrict. With Call SMS Block service‚ we can block unlimited on-net, off-net and international numbers. 

 Key Features 

  • Blacklist for the obnoxious caller(s) 
  • Specific Announcement for obnoxious caller(s) 
  • Announcements Library 
  • User defined Announcement / Announcement Recording 
  • SMS notification / alerts