It becomes very difficult for the mobile operators to increase the revenue with drastic increase in the competition. Unique service is only the way out to cope up with the situation. Collect Call service is a unique Idea which was designed for a specific segment i.e. “Consumers who are out of balance but have to convey their Urgent Message across” and now this service has become the basic need of every customer because in this part of the world mobile usage of the consumers is very high and they can go “Out of balance” at a very awkward time. 

Collect Call Service enables the users who are “out of balance” to initiate a call to any friends & family member. Service usage process is very easy as it has been designed keeping in mind the “consumers comfort first” rule. 

Customer party-A (the calling party) calls party-B (the called party) using collect call service. Party-B 

(the called party) will be given the option to pay for this call. If party-B (the called party) agrees to pay, then the call would be connected.