Have you ever gone through a situation in which you are travelling to a certain place and have to contact your friend for exact location, but your mobile battery is draining to its end? Or sometimes you have to make an important call to report to your boss and either your phone dies in the middle of the call. It for sure is equally frustrating and annoying. In Pakistan Currently 20 Million people are smart phone users. Switch Communication Pvt. Ltd. Identifying the need has come up with an idea to let the user make a call despite of dead battery. For this Consider three parties: party A (the one making a call), Party B(receiver of the call, Party C ( call to be made through )The Party A intends to call B but finds itself in a mobile dead situation. In order tmake a call to B Our service enables party A to make a call to party B using C’s mobile. However, the no. appearing on the B’s cell will be A’s. In this case: