In Pakistan and in every country across the globe, telecom industry is the fastest growing industry. In Pakistan tele density has reached 61% in a very short span of time. Mobile subscribers are 130 million where Jazz leads the market with 37 million subscribers, Telenor with 33 million subscribers, Zong with 26 Million Subscribers, Ufone with 24 Million & Warid with 14 million subscribers. We have analyzed that on an average every mobile subscriber has 3 SIMs in possession. At times it becomes difficult for a customer to change SIM’s or mobile phones frequently, as carrying multiple mobile phones for different purposes is not an easy task. The objective of this service is to give a platform through which customer can use two numbers on a single SIM conveniently, without carrying multiple phones. With Double Number service customer can get a virtual number on his original number which means two numbers on one SIM. Once the customer subscribes to the Double number service, the system will randomly select an idle number from Double Number pool and will notify through an SMS. An SMS will be sent to customer’s primary number, i.e. “Your Double Number is 030XXXXXXXX. Please dial prefix such as “XX” followed by any number and make calls from your Double Number.” 

Customer can start using your Double Number immediately. Double Number uses the same balance as the primary number so there is no need for any special recharge vouchers – all the billing is conveniently associated against the primary number.